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What Do Bed Bug Exterminators Do?
One of the initial tasks of control is inspections to locate where the pests are hiding and to determine the degree of infestation. The results of a thorough inspection can determine the treatment protocol. Experienced exterminators know exactly where to look and use a wide array of tools to assist them with this task. Because they can travel throughout a home or building, inspections of adjoining rooms or apartments are also often required

In recent years, beg bug infestations have become a common problem. Although they were often previously associated with overcrowding and dilapidated housing environments, this is no longer the case. They have returned and can be found in the cleanest living accommodations including fine hotels and large apartment buildings. The reasons they have returned is not fully understood but is believed to be partially due to an increase in travel among people, which includes easy movement of luggage or other items that may have become infested. Due to changes in regulations, pesticides that previously were used to control these offending insects are no longer being used, which may also be a contributing factor to their resurgence.

What Happens During the Inspection
When an exterminator is hired, they will come prepared to do a treatment, bringing pesticides, monitors, professional steam machines and vacuums to use in their treatment. They will perform an inspection of the room suspected of being infested as well as adjoining rooms to identify how extensive the infestation may be. If they find bugs, they will use the safest and least toxic treatment to kill and remove them. Once the inspection has been completed, the exterminator will perform the initial treatment as well as instruct the occupant on perhaps encasing the mattress or removing excess clutter from the area. They will also instruct the occupant about proper laundering of bedding. The exterminator will then return to do a follow-up inspection about two to three weeks later and if more bugs are found, will treat the area again.

Services With Trained Dogs
There are also some exterminating companies that use dogs who are trained specifically to sniff out adults as well as their eggs. Dogs who are well trained can lead the exterminator directly to where they are hiding so these areas can be effectively treated.

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